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Est. 1994
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All dogs are kept in secure, outdoor runs with plenty of room for excercise. The runs are on our home property and offer a comfortable and safe space for your pet!

We took great care when designing our outdoor facilities. Each run is 6' tall and the run area is surrounded by a separate 6' perimeter fence. All runs are completely under roof to protect your pet from the elements, contain an insulated dog house, and ample water supply. We chose gravel over concrete for the flooring to provide a cleaner, more natural surface. Each run is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Available Sizes
  • 4'x10'
  • 6'x10'
  • 10'x10'
*Runs with tops are available for dogs prone to climbing
We have stainless steel cages, the same type you'll find in many vet offices, available in our indoor kennel if you wish for your dog to be housed indoors or brought inside overnight. Please make this request upon scheduling. 
We strive to keep your pet in their regular routine. Typically dogs are fed in the morning and evening, however if your dog has additional feeding requirements, please let us know.

We provide most standard, off-the-shelf dog food brands and will keep your dog on its usual diet. Please let us know which brand and variety your dog eats upon reservation. If your dog requires a prescription diet or speciality food, please be sure to bring enough food for each feeding.


Proof of vaccination is required for each pet at the time of boarding. Please have a printed copy of your pet's vaccination records upon arrival. Vaccinations must be valid through the end-date of your pet's stay. No exceptions will be made for the vaccination requirement. Vaccinations required are:
  • Rabies
  • DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza)

We highly recommend your pet be on heartworm and flea and tick prevention. 


If your dog requires medication, we're happy to administer it according to your directions. Please pack enough medication and written dosage instructions when you drop off your pet.



Because the kennel is located at our home, we do not have set drop-off or pick-up hours. We are able to accommodate nearly any drop-off or pick-up time upon request!
If you have multiple dogs, we're happy to house them in the same run or adjacent runs! Just let us know when you make your reservation.
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