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We have Zebra Finches and Canaries for sale!

Why own a canary or finch?
Pet birds are inexpensive to acquire and keep and do not require a lot of attention, space or time.

About Zebra Finches and Canaries
Zebra finches are small, active birds.  They are happy alone or in groups.  They breed easily and are good parents.  If you do not want the breeding experience, opt for a single bird or birds of the same sex.

Canaries are prized for their singing and beauty.  We breed Fife Canaries who are great singers and come in a variety of colors.

Why buy from a breeder rather than a pet store?
Breeders can give you a lot more information.  We know our birds ages and sex.  We can answer your questions about care requirements, and we can offer you a better price.  Breeders are who the pet store buys from!

Call if you would like additional information on keeping a pet bird, or to ask about availability and pricing.